Support the PTO

There are many ways to support the PTO and Franklin-Randall Schools.

2019 Fall Fundraiser is Complete!

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, supported, shared information and participated in this school year’s amazing fundraiser.

Your contributions help support important efforts that benefit the children, families, teachers and staff of our school community!

Did you know that money raised by the PTO funds valuable programs and resources that benefit our students, families, teachers, and staff?

Without your support, many of these would not be possible, including the school’s snack pantry and milk fund, our Hmong and Latino Parent Empowerment Groups (PEGs), enrichment opportunities like student clubs, resources for innovative learning projects, and so much more. If you would like to know more about how specific initiatives are funded, or how the PTO allocates its annual funds, please see the FR PTO FY20 Budget Final.

How your donation can help

$5 – buys a book for the school library

$25 – grows the outdoor classroom

$50 – funds important classroom materials 

$250 – provides after-school transportation so children who want can participate in clubs

$300 – brings children, families, and teachers together for Super Science Saturday 

$1,000 – supports the Franklin-Randall Social Justice Fund, directed by school social workers to assist families with basic needs in times of crisis

Thank you for supporting our schools!

Questions? Please email Tasha Moxley, PTO fundraising co-chair.