There are many fun and meaningful ways to volunteer at Franklin and Randall. Below are some of ways you can get involved and make a difference. Opportunities are available for one time events and ongoing projects.

COVID-19 Local Relief Efforts

Your Franklin-Randall PTO has joined the Madison West High Area Food Collaborative (i.e. Collaborative) to help address widespread food insecurities and other needs resulting from economic stressors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What began as the Midvale-Lincoln and Thoreau PTOs scraping together volunteers, food, and supplies for 100 families has grown into a collaborative of 12 schools in the Madison West High attendance area serving nearly 500 families. The Collaborative will need monetary support in order to keep doing this impactful work, which is outlined further below.

For this reason, our PTO Board rearranged funds to support the Collaborative and has recently voted to help generate additional funds through summer 2020. We need your help.



Here’s what you can consider doing to support relief efforts:

Donate Money:

If you are able to donate, giving any amount of money is most helpful at this time. The Collaborative will need funds to sustain relief efforts. Donated funds will continue to go towards additional food needs above and beyond what Second Harvest can provide. Funds are also helping to cover diapers, toilet paper, and other necessities.

Monetary donations can now be made through the Collaborative’s website.


If you would like to volunteer your time to help at the Westminster Relief Site, you can sign up at http://www.volunteeryourtime.org/need/detail/?need_id=508905. Spots often fill up quickly, so please be sure to sign up as far in advance as you can!

Donate Grocery Bags:

If you have extra grocery bags piling up at home, you can drop them off at Westminster Church in one of two the lidded plastic bins under the awning (by the entrance on Yuma Drive). Paper bags are preferred, but all bags are welcome. If the bins are full, feel free to drop off around the corner at 822 Miami Pass with Alexa Paliwal Wautier, Thoreau’s PTO President. Please text Alexa first at: 608-320-6929.

For perspective, following are details related to these efforts:

  • 12 schools in the Madison West High attendance area have joined the Collaborative
  • 17 staff members (primarily our wonderful social workers!) are working directly with families to identify needs and make sure there is enough food and support on a weekly basis
  • 475 families in the West High area are being helped through the Collaborative
  • 30+ pounds of food delivered to each family every week
  • 40 volunteers are making deliveries every Wednesday – more than 100 different individuals have signed up through United Way since the Collaborative began
  • $25,000 in grant funds were recently provided by the United Way
  • $40,000+ in donations have been generated by fellow PTOs
  • Families are provided with shelf stable food, fresh produce, dairy products, meat, toilet paper, diapers, school supplies, and household supplies. As the moratorium on evictions expires in the coming weeks, the Collaborative anticipates starting to support some families with rent payments.

Thank you for considering how you might be able to support these efforts!


Volunteer Coordinator Guide

PTO Events, Projects & Committees

Throughout the year, there are many events the PTO coordinates that could not be done without the help of volunteers. Some examples include, Movie Night, Super Science Saturday, School Carnival, Playground Clean-ups, UW Football Saturdays and more. Sign up to the PTO Email List to receive announcements regarding these opportunities to volunteer.

Please also consider volunteering for a project or committee, such as the Fundraising or Grant Committee.  There are many, many opportunities ranging from onetime events to long term responsibilities, at home or at school, weekdays or weekends. If you are interested we will find something that fits your interests and availability.

Email Jessica Cook at jesswc11@gmail.com for ideas on how to best match your skills and interest to a volunteer opportunity.

Equity and Inclusion Committee
The PTO Equity and Inclusion Committee is focusing on ways to include more families in school, celebrate diversity, and promote racial equity in our schools. We’re first focusing on helping families to feel welcome and a part of the school through the PTO.  For more about this committee >

Wellness Committee
The Franklin-Randall PTO Wellness Committee was formed in 2015 by a group of staff and families who are working together to support the physical and emotional wellness of all Franklin and Randall students, families and staff.   Wellness Committee Information >

Parking Volunteers
Volunteers are needed for all of the home football games. Questions, please contact Mary Rihani: frptoparking@gmail.com

Sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080a4fa5a62ea6f58-badger


Non-PTO Volunteer Opportunities

Franklin Lunchroom & Playground
Lunchtime volunteering is a great way to connect with your Franklin child, get to know their friends and classmates, and understand more about their life away from you at school. In addition, it provides highly valued help to the Franklin staff. Slots are available in the lunchroom and on the playground, either weekly or biweekly.

To sign up for a slot, interested volunteers should simply email Anne Saracino: anne.l.saracino@gmail.com

Homegrown Snack Program
Help prepare fresh, local, healthy snacks for our kids. Each Wednesday from 8:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m., Franklin and Randall parents prepare fresh produce, sourced from local farmers, that is then delivered to Franklin and Randall. To volunteer, please contact Mike McLain, 608-224-0877 or mmmclain@wisc.edu.

See more details about the Homegrown Snack Program >

Franklin and Randall Library and Media Center (LMC)
Both the Franklin and Randall LMC needs parent volunteers to shelve books throughout the year. Any time commitment is helpful. If you haven’t volunteered in our library before, and are interested in shelving, contact your school librarian and she will provide a very brief orientation. After that, you can come in as your schedule allows. If interested contact: For Randall – Michelle Olsen/204-3310/molsen@madison.k12.wi.us or For Franklin Shannon Dolan/204-2291/sdolan@madison.k12.wi.us